Thursday, December 15, 2011

The WorkShop..Get your 2012 Spring Game Face Ready.

Making it's Return to Kick you into your Spring Action The WorkShop Returns.

 The Next WorkShop is scheduled for February 5,2012 and this time around to accommodate requests  there
will be 2 sessions for those needing an Am day Class 10am/2pm. and those needing a Pm evening Class 5pm/9pm.
There will be the same wonderful Demonstrations is Skin, Make Up, Hair, and Runway training with Discussions in Health, Marketing, Branding, Logos, and Webites.
(Just ADDED will be Demonstrations & Discussions On Health, Well Being & Massage Therapy.)
** Returning as well will be the Photo session so that particpants get Portfolio Worthy and Quality images to add and or help start your portfolios.

*This workshop is for Male & Females and those who are New and Currently involved with Modeling or Other careers that just want to know, be informed and get the confirmation
that they are taking and doing the right steps in topics such as Skin, Make Up, Hair, and Marketing.

**As required in previous Workshops & Training Classes there is a $50.00 seat Security Deposit due December 30,2011
The Class fee is $250.00... with Balance due by January 29,2012 so you can make payments until your fee is covered in full.

** Food, Snacks, Drinks, and Parking will be covered and provided as normal.
C.T.A and Other transport is available to Workshop Location.
* PAYPAL available.

Feel free to look at th link to read and see more:

Feel free to email and inquire and get Your Spot Ready

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dream Bigg and Reach for the STARS..Let's get Wicked.

This year just continues on Amazing notes even in December and this weekend didn't disappoint.

  I had the pleasure to join the Musical FLOST cast over the weekend and it was an experience I wont forget.
The entire cast was great joy to meet and has such range and diversity and that's only the beginning. The Background crew which is the glue to holding everything together was equally Awesome. FLOST directed by Julian Grant is not your typically Musical and will capture the viewer from start to finish and leave you wanting more. Julian Grant knows what the audience wants and delivers without the camp and useless void of space some musicals can come across as. The Chameleon comes ready and prepared. On meeting the Lead Wardrobe and MUA Stylist I was welcomed from the first day. Jessi she looked me over from head to toe and with just miner additions to the makeup I was up and ready to start filming. My wardrobe and makeup look was liked so much by the crew and Director I was placed and given a prominent spot on the set and even invited back for the following filming day. How crazy cool was that.I promise once again your going to see another side of the Chameleon you have yet to see in action..OOPs did I say that I mean ACTION.

What better way to end and having enjoyed an Amaze weekend then seeing the Finished product from an Awesome project you collaborated on.That's right the "Wicked" Music Video from IDEVISE is now in the building and receiving some much deserved love from fans and followers on youtube.

The video shot in HD by Director Sal Romello captures and delivers some amazing effects that helps to transport the viewer to a "Wicked" place visually as the sounds pump and take over the viewer. Both IDEVISE  and Romello come together and deliver a Video that's sure to rise on the charts and give you an unforgettable experience and the Chameleon is right in front to kick it Off.Congrats.

Continue to Dream Bigg and Reach for the STARs Anything and everything is  possible and with your

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wow ok Let's Talk..Pot Ledom

I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants to know what rule Angelea was disqualified last night on America's Next Top Model for breaking. So what's your thoughts? Many say Angelea had some growing up to do in the maturity department but there's no denying if you really look at all the episodes she really was growing, learning, and coming into her own as a better person as well an adult growing in maturity with each episode we were allowed to see. The girl was full of potential or trust me when I say she would not have been allowed to continue or go as far as she had despite her undeniable Beauty. However that being said Rules are Rules and must be followed. So this just goes to show that even in Show Biz what seems right is not always the outcome. I mean how many of us have been so close to achieving our goal(s) only to have them pulled away momentarily. The Door is open now what you do with said opportunity is entirely up to you.