Thursday, December 15, 2011

The WorkShop..Get your 2012 Spring Game Face Ready.

Making it's Return to Kick you into your Spring Action The WorkShop Returns.

 The Next WorkShop is scheduled for February 5,2012 and this time around to accommodate requests  there
will be 2 sessions for those needing an Am day Class 10am/2pm. and those needing a Pm evening Class 5pm/9pm.
There will be the same wonderful Demonstrations is Skin, Make Up, Hair, and Runway training with Discussions in Health, Marketing, Branding, Logos, and Webites.
(Just ADDED will be Demonstrations & Discussions On Health, Well Being & Massage Therapy.)
** Returning as well will be the Photo session so that particpants get Portfolio Worthy and Quality images to add and or help start your portfolios.

*This workshop is for Male & Females and those who are New and Currently involved with Modeling or Other careers that just want to know, be informed and get the confirmation
that they are taking and doing the right steps in topics such as Skin, Make Up, Hair, and Marketing.

**As required in previous Workshops & Training Classes there is a $50.00 seat Security Deposit due December 30,2011
The Class fee is $250.00... with Balance due by January 29,2012 so you can make payments until your fee is covered in full.

** Food, Snacks, Drinks, and Parking will be covered and provided as normal.
C.T.A and Other transport is available to Workshop Location.
* PAYPAL available.

Feel free to look at th link to read and see more:

Feel free to email and inquire and get Your Spot Ready

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dream Bigg and Reach for the STARS..Let's get Wicked.

This year just continues on Amazing notes even in December and this weekend didn't disappoint.

  I had the pleasure to join the Musical FLOST cast over the weekend and it was an experience I wont forget.
The entire cast was great joy to meet and has such range and diversity and that's only the beginning. The Background crew which is the glue to holding everything together was equally Awesome. FLOST directed by Julian Grant is not your typically Musical and will capture the viewer from start to finish and leave you wanting more. Julian Grant knows what the audience wants and delivers without the camp and useless void of space some musicals can come across as. The Chameleon comes ready and prepared. On meeting the Lead Wardrobe and MUA Stylist I was welcomed from the first day. Jessi she looked me over from head to toe and with just miner additions to the makeup I was up and ready to start filming. My wardrobe and makeup look was liked so much by the crew and Director I was placed and given a prominent spot on the set and even invited back for the following filming day. How crazy cool was that.I promise once again your going to see another side of the Chameleon you have yet to see in action..OOPs did I say that I mean ACTION.

What better way to end and having enjoyed an Amaze weekend then seeing the Finished product from an Awesome project you collaborated on.That's right the "Wicked" Music Video from IDEVISE is now in the building and receiving some much deserved love from fans and followers on youtube.

The video shot in HD by Director Sal Romello captures and delivers some amazing effects that helps to transport the viewer to a "Wicked" place visually as the sounds pump and take over the viewer. Both IDEVISE  and Romello come together and deliver a Video that's sure to rise on the charts and give you an unforgettable experience and the Chameleon is right in front to kick it Off.Congrats.

Continue to Dream Bigg and Reach for the STARs Anything and everything is  possible and with your

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wow ok Let's Talk..Pot Ledom

I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants to know what rule Angelea was disqualified last night on America's Next Top Model for breaking. So what's your thoughts? Many say Angelea had some growing up to do in the maturity department but there's no denying if you really look at all the episodes she really was growing, learning, and coming into her own as a better person as well an adult growing in maturity with each episode we were allowed to see. The girl was full of potential or trust me when I say she would not have been allowed to continue or go as far as she had despite her undeniable Beauty. However that being said Rules are Rules and must be followed. So this just goes to show that even in Show Biz what seems right is not always the outcome. I mean how many of us have been so close to achieving our goal(s) only to have them pulled away momentarily. The Door is open now what you do with said opportunity is entirely up to you.


Sunday, November 6, 2011

New week brings New Beginnings,MOD Calendar,BULLYING, It Get's Better.

"Wow" time steps back and we start a New week with some awesome opportunities.First Up.. The Shoe QTP Auction/Fashion show was a Great Success over the weekend  walking the Katwalk is always Amazing this time around stayed true both in front and behind the scenes as I got to do some MUA work and also see the models Male& Female who I helped coach strut their stuff and see them but those tips i'd shared to use on the Katwalk as well (It was Perfect!).More castings are coming this week for future 2011 shows and if I didn't mention it The "Emerge" Promotional/Entertainment video which I modeled and played a few Multi roles;-) is up and running on youtube from the 2011 NYC Fall Fashion Week.
* Key note I've been invited to be apart of Nxt year 2012 for Summer.I'll be there Count On It!!

  For those wondering how is the "Men Of Diversity" Calendar 2012-2013 Coming along? Things are wrapping up just Great. "No" we wont Starting and Ending the calendar off with your normal Jan-Dec months due to timing and hey I just wanted to hit the scene/ market off with a little something different. I assure everyone included in this calendar you will find something and someone that you can relate to. It's OK to be Unique and Different from you average or norm. This is 1st Calendar Dedicated to Every Man/person who's been told He/They hold No Beauty No Strength or to Change this or Change that to FIT In. No Matter what your Background,Heritage,Culture,Age,Weight,Height,Body Type and or Hair Length and Color you HAVE A Place.You "Own It" You are Today's 21st. Century Leading Man. 
You Are STRONG. Importantly not getting a Casting call spot Doesn't mean you Don't have Sex Appeal,Beauty in your Own Right. I've said it before there is a place for Everyone find yours and if nothing else Create your Own and Keep It Moving. Thank you to ALL that helped bring this Vision to Life. I'm sure someone somewhere will be lifted & Inspired to Take action. Now get ready to be Inspired.
Calendars are going to be available for Sale and i've decided to give a certain amount of
proceeds to go towards a Youth, Adult Fashion Show later in 2012. This project was so Inspiring that Calendar#2 Women of Diversity will be coming Soon.

 That topic takes me into the sharing this "The BULLYING" topic. This happens all around us Not only as Children, Adolescents, Teenagers but believe it or not even Adults from everyday people to Industry professionals. I'm glad to see so many taking a formal stand and saying "Enough is Enough".."Stop It". "it ends NOW". Today with such organizations forming Like "Stop Bullying", "It Get's Better" people are learning that they have support,that someone relates to their situation, but just as important that someone cares about them as a person a human being. I was Happy and Delighted to be apart of this Campaign to help generate Thoughts and Actions help END such pain.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

STOPPPPPP the MADDnesss,Let's Be Professionals

I'm Back and At times I do feel like i'm the voice that some need to hear. Let's face it "there are times when some things NEED to be Said and the air Cleared."I might even piss a few people off" but hey I'll live and life goes on simply because the truth does hurt but that's something my Clients, Friends,  and Family appreciate about me.

 First off THE CHAMELEON IS BACK on the scene with the Official Website:
 so please check it out.
For those that didn't know the Vaughnj The Chameleon youtube page:
is also up and running featuring some of those HOT Music Videos as well as a few Performance and Fashion Show Videos I've been involved in..Exciting and EPIC.

 So now that I've gotten those juicy plugs out the way and helped you get caught up with The Chameleon let's dig right in and get to it.

 First up I should  remind those who need reminding that when it comes to Fashion and Fashion Shows Male or Female "Its's about what The Designers want and Their vision and "It's about what/whom They to see coming down the katwalks & Runways selling their product." It's CALLED INNER Instinct.
 I can't describe it in any other to say but "it's the WoW Factor felt deep inside". You know it when you see it and "that's what Attendees/Buyers want to see as well coming down the runways".Also known as "The Complete Look "from Head to Toe, Model & Garment united as 1 and holds your attention from beginning to end.

So  I've said all this to say to All the Fashion Show Coordinators,Event Directors Old and or New *alittle TIP: it's NOT ABOUT YOU!!!

It's about your Client, The Designer. What the Designer/Client sees in a Model that comes out to attend/audition for their Fashion Show Casting Call.

 The Model may not be This Tall or This Small or even this Wide or that Standard Industry Model material however if the Designer says "Hey that's the look", "that's who I want" in My show wearing My Art,wearing/representing My work. 

 Shut up! put your personal opinion(s) aside, and cast the model. Do the job you were hired or brought in to do which is Satisfy the Client/Designer, Find/cast the Models with that "It Factor", Put on an Amazing Show. That's called "Being Professional."

*Let's Refresh:
So whether your Personal Friend or a Stranger to the Client/Designer being bought in to Oversee, Coordinate, or Direct an entire Fashion show or just a Fashion segment of an event.Keep your Personal feelings personal and ALWAYS be Professional. Live by the 1# Rule: It's about what to Designer Wants Not you. 
So next time a Model walks into your Casting call,  and you for some Personal reason or another Don't like or Care for the model but the Designer thinks their Look, Body type, and Attitude is Great and wants them in the show DO the JOB you were brought in to do and stop being Childish,Insecure, and Above All Unprofessional. In the End the show must Go On. 

However just ask yourself How Many Cinderellas/Fellas or Jennifer Hudsons there might actually be in the world. Now kick yourself because of a Missed Opportunity because "Some people May forgive" "however there are many that Don't forget." What Goes around Comes around.


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Come on people just LiVe..Do Your Thing.

Tell me why is it people  look at you like well who are you or what are you doing here when you step into a room ..when actually they should be doing their Own thing and just Enjoying the Event, the Moment and just Life it's self...I've said it before and YEsss I'll say it again ALWAYS DO You & LiVe.
Life's too short to be worrying about Something or Someone who really Doesn't care what you think or Do as long as it Works for them and makes them Happy..So as I continue to "Do My thing" and "Enjoy Life" let me say "FREEDOM" there is NOTHING like it and once you get to a point in life where you "Find it" and "Embrace it" watch the World take on a Whole NEW meaning..Funni last night the subject of "Owning It" was touched on something in which I mentioned in my last blog.. I tell you there's nothing like "Owning Life"


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"Owning it" something you should Know...

Models before hitting the stage here's little something you should Know & Remember..
You were chosen for a Reason and you are Here on the Stage, Kat walk  for that Reason.

Even before you hit the stage you have to have a sense of Ownership and even before that stepping into a casting Call you have to be Confident in WHO YOU Are. As a Performer,Model  Designers, Directors, Show Coordinators and Producers are looking for a glimpse of just who you are. Sure measurements play a role in being casted but it's also about Personality, Confidence to Complete a look,  to Carry/ wear a certain garment on the RUNWAY or take particular Shot  during a Photo shoot. "OWNing it" and if  you can't "Own it" step aside and come aboard  or approach casting calls when your Ready.
It will save you and those involved  Important Time. 

"Owning it" means you Own/Embody the Garment.
The Entire/Complete Look, Feel, and Style.. 

"Owning it" that's what Completes the Look/Vision of a garment it can Make or Break a garment when in a photo shoot or on the Runway. To walk with that "Owning it" feeling Inspires the crowd, and makes/helps future Buyers buy.(i'm not being mean) but being a Runway Model means more then being Beautiful (Male 0r Female) the Kat walk is not a place to be Nervous or Intimidated you have to be a Warrior.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Taking a short break but in the Mean time a few THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW

Taking some Me Time to get a few things done like wrapping The MOD Calendar ,Prepping for Some Exciting Future/Spring 2012 projects and other Business. When i'm done trus you'll know I'm Bac on THE Scene like only I can be.

In the mean time let me share something with my Fellow Artists both New & Old 1.ANY LEGIT Fashion Show and Casting will Always give you the Facts/Details Up Front Prior to your even going to casting call as to NOT waste your or company time.
2. A Legit Show/production NOT MAKE IT Mandatory THAT TO BE INVOLVED or Casted You MUST SELL TICKETS to secure YOUR Modeling/Performance SPOT.(If you Fit the clothes and Have the LOOK the Designers Require) YOUR IN the Show Period. You are there to MODEL/ and lend your time as an Artist and that's it.Your Job & Responsiblity is NOT to Cover Production Costs unless that's something you agree to before hand and are Being PAID to DO. btw (getting images from being involved in any performance is a given)Not a form of Payment.

... 3.Lastly NO ONE has the Right to BELITTLE You at ANY TIME OR Point and MAKE YOU FEEL Less then who You ARE(Human). I DON"T CARE WHAT Title or POSITION they have OR CLAIM to Have..If they can not Treat,Talk to you as a Humans or Adults WALK AWAY (there is NO EXcuse for that) It's FORM oF Bullying and Control and NO ONE HAS THAT Right Over another Human. They DO Not DESERVE Your TIME, Presence, and Artist involvement NO MATTER WHAT the Project or Claim to Fame.Trus they would NOT like it if the shoe were reversed nor would they Allow such treatment if it were them being treated that way.

4. Follow Your Gut, It's OKay to say"Thank you for the opportunity But I'll Pass.
* so as ALways I DON'T have a problem Speaking, asking Questions and Or giving Advice which is part of who I am and which has Alliowed me to MOVE forward in Not only Life But My Career as well any one that says different ask them to look as My Work,Resume' and Track record for anyone i've helped. You don't have to like me However you will Respect me as I would do concerning U.

You should not be coming out of pocket to buy TIckets if you are't able to SELL them(*remember ALWAYS ask yourself" what would I be getting if I were buying the ticket", " is the ticket worth the actual cost")(sometime as much as OUR Support team wants to be involved there are times when buying a ticket is not possible but that don't mean your supported anyless then someone esle.)

See you REAL soon
The Chameleon

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Rules Of Life, Common Courtesy..Chew On That.

Food for thought.As a Child we are Taught and Told rules of Life...1. Respect yourself, Treat others the way you Want/Expect to be Treated..2.What goes Around..comes Back around there's No Expiration date on that.. and Lastly if you really intend to Succeed & move Forward in ANYTHING you do.. refer back to Rules 1.,2. So tell me why do so many people Act Brand New or like they were not Informed or Taught these Rules and look at you crazy because you Live your Life by them and seem to be Exceeding in Everything you Do! Yes I said it. So enjoy your day.. Chew on that.1 day Some of Us don't Wake up.. Some Learn Something Wise enough to be Better people and Enjoy a Fulling Life and on Other days some Stay in the Drama and Turmoil and Never really Move at all and if they do move it's NOT at the rate they would have Moved if they Applied those very Basic rules of Common Coutesy.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Feeling Blessed to see another Year & for those Who wonder Turning 42 in NOT a Badd thing;-) Take a look at My Recent shoot(Jungle Warrior) I Look n Feel Amazing! I'm still Blessed to be Healthy,Loved,Appreciated, Working,Elevating,Doing what I Love (Creating Art),& Helping others get to Higher levels.So yea after spending 6months in a coma,Facing other Challenges.Yea I'm still here making it Happen. Life Get Into It. Thank U Family,Friends New and Old I LOVE YOU.We still have work to Do. VjC

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

No one clapped for me tonight..Leading Designers..Moving Forward..NYC,Paris,London Here I come.Video Shoot. .

what a really Great & Entertaining Fashiion Show tonight @ Dusable Museum.when it was over I was posed(asked) the question.."vaughnj did anyone clap for you when you kat walked tonight"..
Here was my Answer.No.
However I further replied "I clapped for Myself:
1. when I was allowed to Wake Up this morning.
2. I clapped for Myself when I got the call from a participating Designer and asked if I could walk in the show to Rep their Male Line.
3. I clapped for Myself when I found out I not was NOT the only Male Model in the Entire show but that I was the only Male Model brought in to Rep my Designer's Male Line.
All in all Idon't wan this to be misunderstood..You don't need anyone else's approval to Validate you or where you goingas long as you know and put it into actio. People miss the boat all the time but that doesn't stop the schedule from continuing forward and next bus from coming. Clapped because tonight not only did I make Myself Proud but the Designer was throughly Pleased/Satisfied.(Meaning) That i'm one step closer to reaching My Goals. Having an A+ Model Reputation, Being the Face behind a New Leading Designer's Menswear Line, and moving forward towards N.Y.C, London, Milon, Paris and Toyko.. To the Top!
 Now that's something worth clapping for;-)
Thank you Carmen Calisle,Michael CEO Jordon wonderful job tonight!
Hair & MakeUp for The Chameleon by Insatiable Creations.
Music Video shoot in morning nite Fb.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Let me clear somethings up and Reintroduce MySelf.....Now you Know. .

Hello let Me ReIntroduce MySelf I am Vaughnj The Chameleon..I am a Male Fashion Model,Live Illustration/Mannequin Model(SAIC),Actor,Freestyle Dancer,MUA, Wardrobe Stylist For Men & Women(Professional,Beginner) and i'm also and Event Director/Coordinator,Party Planner, Model Coach for Male & Female Models and Model Workshop/Seminar Coach/Director. I work on All levels from Every day short term to High End Editorial long term contract .When timing allows I also do TF,TCD projects and montary is always welcomed. I'm Chicago,IL based but will travel when needed, I am Freelance/Independent contractor so I'm not tied down with a contract however when applying for my services there is a contract/agreement signed before hand w/ deposit made pending services. When I come arcoss Collaberation that I think other Artists would enjoy and benefit from I post them and put out casting Calls however I will not Beg or hound you to join or be Involved Ever. Whether TF, TCD, or Montary. If you are interested and have the available time and means you will put in the needed Efforts, Energy and Follow through. Being as Professional as I or you would expect in return..*Remember Time is Money! I also advertise, post notices about Events I'm in as a Model or Performer,or Director so others (Artists, Supportors) are Aware, have the opportunity to Support either in attendence or simply helping with ticket sells, 1 hand washes another and so it goes. (I work well with others as long as your professional,I also Have a team or Models,Muas, etc..When needed) I also give/have referrals from/for Artists. If you don't know me now you do. So say hello you never know what can come out of networking/collaborating, that's often how I come across a New Job/Asssignment. I'm Direct, Honest, Professional, and I expect the same but above all I'm an down to earth Artist making Moves..This is My Life and I approach it with the same Passion and Desire EVERYDAY...EVERY Assignment.

Vj The Chameleon

Friday, June 17, 2011

Upcoming Events/Eva Pigford, New Respect, Excuses leave them behind, Having a Plan,Using Tenacity, and loving Me som Vaughnj .

Morning closer to a weekend and I can't wait,so many fun things(Fashion show rehearsals,Music Video filming,Birthday Celebrations).I Had the pleasure to have my son join me on set at work for a "Double take" Love My instructors @ SAIC and let's say he has a new respect for live illustration/mannequin models;-)lol. tickets are also available for his Fashion show "The Puppet Show" july 23, 15.00,don't forget I have tickets for my Fashion show "Fuze It Worldwide"June 25, 25.00..also get your tickets for "FASHION LOVES MUSIC" July 1,20-65.00 w/ Eva Pigford,Derwin Davis..(another show i may be Modeling in keep you posted)..

Come on Chi town Don't ask for "FRESH" Events and when they Arrive and Present opportunity...whether to show your support or be a personal part of it you find an excuse not to be there.Yes times are abit tough but you can always make a way to do other things and i'll leave it at that,get on board,leave the excuses behind. People say "man I always see you here or there" people/other artists say this as if they're surprised. Some gigs pay monetary and some don't but the truth is if I don't get out here and show you and these Directors,Designers,Promoters,Clients how hungry I am and how Badd/Passionate I am at what I do. How else you going to know about The Chameleon as a Model,Designer,Actor,Dancer or Wardrobe Stylist,Runway Coach/Director.How else will I make it to the TOP if not by making continued efforts and using my OWN initiative.I know every project and casting call may not be for me, my look and I also know I may  not get every job however I also knew when I joined this industry that in order to make it size wouldn't always be a factor. I had to have and prove I had the Passion, Drive, and Tenacity to want this,to survive, and if I was to ever succeed in this industry I needed to Bring it! and I Have. You can talk about my style,mohawk & color changes, and stats if you want but watch me Work, watch me continue to Rise. During lunch I stopped into my old job today Macy's to say hello to some real friends (you know who you are)and catch up and ran into some fakers and they looked at me in surprise to see how Truly Happy and settled I was to still be living,moving forward, and doing what I Love since leaving Macy's but thats ok. I had a plan and Macy's wasn't a permanent part of it, I knew that when I went back into retail and i'll go back into retail again if the plan calls for it, no shame here it works.I Love Me som Vaughnj and Vaughnj loves ALL those that continue to support and bless me with opportunities to showcase my passion.
Til the next time

Friday, May 13, 2011

Blessings/Bookings... The Angel Walk2011..Bricks Laying to Build a Nation

Only just begun the month of May and i'm already Booked and Booking June!!. I Tell you when you Do Good things and Put Out Positive energy it Comes Back 20fold..It's not being Cocky it's being Confident and about being Respectful and True to Yourself and Others, also Not lessoning who you are as a Person/Artist and what you hold Dear & Passinate. I speak into being what I Need/Want and then I Go For it because it Never hurts to Ask or Try however actions speak louder then words.
Some have asked how did I get involved with the "The Angel Walk 2011" and what do I expect in return. Well I went into this show a meger,humble/new Wardrobe Stylist who was available to lend a hand if they needed one to help.Always willing to help a worthy cause these one involving(children) being a single parent I know how it is to want the best for a child to have opportunity to encourage a child.If by giving something or lending some clothes or what services I could offer was all that was needed to see someone smile why not. Now I'm Co Director/Coordinator and by building and having a good industry reputation,dedication i've been able to ask,reach out to other fellow Artists,Designers,Models.MUA's,Stylists,Public Officials and put together A Very Incredible Show..Now making it's 1st debut and will lead and open the door to an Annual Event called "The Angel Walk"..Holy Angels Boys & Girls Club Fundraiser. How Magical is that and to see the smiles on these kids,young adults, and Future Artists faces and the moral boost is INCREDIBLE for these kids to see that someone cares about me and wants to see me succeed I cant out into words the return investment has been for me. I know they will take this opportunity and somewhere later in life use it to reflect on..We don't have funding for a buget so there none but I tell you this is going to be 1 Awesome Event night you will NEVER Forget and will walk away with your Hearts filled with Excitement and Enticipation for Next years. Angel walk2012 show!
When I was younger we had Not Only Parents but Neighbors,Clubs,Schools to help build the foundation and guide us as children and young adults to make better decisions,have options, smarter choices and have self esteem and confidence to go and live out Dream. Well for  some reason over time that has started to lapse and disappear, we must reclaim those days ,reinvest, and  show our children what it means to have proper guidance and postive influences at a young,mid youth/adult age. It still takes a Nation to raise a Child and although my own children are making their own decisions in life i'm still here to guide and lay bricks not just in them but future generations to come. Dont just Talk.Do.
the Chameleon

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Angel Walk 2011..Holy Angels Boys & Girls Club Fundraiser May 27,2011@6pm .

The First Rehearsal kicked off with lots of Excitement tonight and the young people from Holy Angels Boys & Girls Club are looking forward to the fundraiser. "The Angel Walk 2011" on May 27, 6pm. We still could use some help: shoes, a few more Mua's,Hair (Barber & Stylist)dept inbox me. There will be no tickets but a 5.00 suggested door cover. Please let's show these kids some love, to see the motivation in these kids faces/eyes that someone actually cares and wants to invest some time in a positive project is AMAZING...The program hour will include Dance,Song,Fashion.

Holy Angels Boys and Girls Club
750 E. 40th street
Chicago, IL 60653

Mother's Day & those words of wisdom .

Everyday is Mother's Day just happens it's Nationally recognized Today May 8,2011. If you were/are Blessed with a Strong Female presence in your life, who stood/stand by you,made/make an everlasting impression, and helped guide/influence you into the Strong person you are today give Thanks everyday even if in prayer.*Remember for it is and will always be the little things that matter the most, for it may not seem like we listen but in life we hear you & those words of wisdom you offer/offered us;-) Happy Mother's Day to Everyone even those Men doing double duty.

Thanks until Nxt Time

SAIC Fashion Show,Boys & Girls May 27 Fundraiser Fashion Show,Congrats Ikram Goldman. .

Wow the SAIC Fashion Show The Walk was Great May 5,2011 and really held some Amazing & Unique pieces from clothing to hats/accessories/shoes (Yes I pay attention to all that).Congrats to all the students,faculty,involved. * A Reminder I still need Shoes for young models for "The Angel Walk 2011" Holy Angels Boys & Girls Club Fundraiser Fashion Show May 27 let me know.*remember we can only Make the Difference when we get Involved.I'm also willing to help with your event just ask about my availablity.
Congrats to a wonder person Ikram Goldman on recieving The Legend Of Fashion Award truly well deserved.


Let's MAKE A Difference & STOP Complaining.Start Today .

Nxt. up:Looking forward to today's photoshoot with Design students from SAIC( I tell you watching these students Draw,Sketch,Photograph you in different mediums is Awesome).I tell/encourage you & Challenge you to Empower others,if you have a Brother,Sister,Son,DaughterNiece,Nephew or hell even a neighbor who have or show signs of tallent or Talents in Art,Singing,Drawing,Dance,Acting,Music, & Modeling whatever the medium encourage them to Follow, Seek, Explore and Expand on that talent. The rewards are so Rewarding and to see someone Live their Dreams & Passions is Amazing!!Stop complaining about Our youth of today and Make A Difference,We All have our Roles to play.
Have a Great Day spread the message.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I Am Fashion: Being 41 y.o., 5 years Moving forward, At least ma...

I Am Fashion: Being 41 y.o., 5 years Moving forward, At least ma...: "Feeling Blessed at being 41y.o in my 5th year of constant nonstop Entertainment since I reEntered the Industry as Model,Dancer,Actor,Mua,..."

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Being 41 y.o., 5 years Moving forward, At least making an Effort, & Conan

Feeling Blessed at being 41y.o in my 5th year of constant nonstop Entertainment since I reEntered the Industry as Model,Dancer,Actor,Mua,Wardrobe stylist, Event Director/Coordinator,Model Coordinator/Directer, Workshop/Seminar Specialist and I Thank Everyone I've met and who have continued to support me along the way. I Promised I'd take it to the TOP & I'm moving forward each year.We're almost there.
I Encourage All to Always follow your Dreams & Passions in life,You just never know.Even when others Moc & Discourage.You should Always be YOU and Do You, at least try then you will know for it is the not trying that truly does us in when it comes to living Life.
Believe me i was told "You'll Never be a Model Or Do Runway" Or "You Don't have the RIGHT Look".
 Now almost 5yrs later.20+ Runway Fashion Shows,Hair Shows,Promotional Events, 6+Music Videos, Ducumentaries,Movies,Cable/Television pilots later.All w/o a Manager, Agent or belonging to a High profile Agency. I'm moving forward in the Entertainment world all because of my Own Determination,Professionalism,Passion,Talent and just as Important My Drive & Networking ablities have  earned me a reputation to do such.So I say anything Postive is worth theTime, Work, and Effort. I'm immortalized in Photographs/Film and now being a Fashion Model at the Art Institute I am immortalized in sketch pads.
XoXo Vj
Conan will be out soon I've stared to see the trailors. I cant wait to see whether or not they used my Mohawk style or color for one of the charactors.I guess we'll have to wait and see but it was still a pleasure meeting Mr.Lang.How kool is that when someone in a star's position notices you and says you gave them an inspiration for something;-)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Carrying the Torch,Blessings keep Flowing.

Today once again we morn the loss of an Icon who's Talent,Energy and Tireless efforts to raise Awareness on several causes will never be forgotten because we Celebrate the Current Stride and Standing in where we are today with Knowledge,Medicine, & Current Awareness on Strong Issues.We'll Miss your Light
but there is still work to be done so we will continue to carry the Torch.

 I've ALWAYS Believed if you Treat people With the same Respect & Courtesy that you Want/Expect it will come back,so that being said.
The Doors continue to open and I feel Blessed. A Shoot with Pink Label/Shoe Maiden today.Fashion Show with Red Pump,Beau Idea,a future Shoot with Dawn Joi Tees, and soon after paper clears i'll be a Model for the School of the Art Institute of Chicago,Thank you Jacqueline Nadolski can't wait to work with you again. Thank you MUA Yesenia OMG! what Beauty you helped Create on set with your Magic Brushes, the Models All looked Amazing,Thank you  Sis Kelly Vaughn My Hairstylist, My Hair was Awesome on Set today and to My Son and Helper Joshua on set Thank you for helping me keep it all together.

You haven't really LIVED LIFE if you haven't been able to SMILE, LAUGH, LET GO, and just say Fu(%* it!! at least once..excuse my language I'm just sayin life is Too short *remember to Exhale every Now & Then. If you have a pair of Funky boots, Sexy Black dress,Sexiest jeans,whatever makes you "feel Great" put them on get into the air and just Breathe/Live;-)

In April on Saturday Night prior to Easter SundayI will be Hosting a Wardrobe Shopping Party from 5pm-10pm. The Special Night will include Shoes/Boots(Steve Madden)starting @ $30.00,Clothing,Jewelry(Pandora's Box),Purses & Bags, An MUA($20.look+5.lashes),w/Lite snacks,Wine/water.
Come Experience & See what it means to get "FULL SERVICE Shopping",then since your Prepped and Ready Go.Why not continue "With A Nite On the Town with your New Looks"!! This is what Real Shopping is all about.Catching some Great Deals,Treating  yourself, Relaxin with Friends, Then continuing the Celebration ALL IN 1 NIGHT.So Come join Our Guestlist & get your SHOPPING ON!!! *There's No Cover Charge,you need 21 to drink.(exact date Coming soon Stay Tuned!!!)
It's so Wonderful when we can come together not only as Professionls but as Human Beings w/o All the Drama,Diva/Divo Attitude and Share in the Great times of Creating Magic. We may not be as Big as NYC compared to most however Chicago has proven Time & Time again "We Can and Do Make things Happen","Chicago Can stand On it's Own", "Chi...cago Is the Place to Be".

Breathe,Feel Great,Did Someone Say WARDROBE PARTY,Chicago Is The Place To BE.

You haven't really LIVED LIFE if you haven't been able to SMILE, LAUGH, LET GO, and just say Fu(%* it!! at least once..excuse my language I'm just saying life is Too short *remember to Exhale every Now & Then. If you have a pair of Funky boots, Sexy Black dress,Sexiest jeans,Whatever Makes YOU "Feel Great" put them on, Get into the air and Just Breathe/Live;-)

In April on a Saturday Night prior to Easter SundayI will be Hosting a Wardrobe Shopping Party from 5pm-10pm. The Special Night will include Shoes/Boots(Steve Madden)starting @ $30.00,Clothing,Jewelry(Pandora's Box),Purses & Bags($40&Up), An MUA($20.look+5.lashes),w/Lite snacks,Wine/water.
Come Experience & See what it means to get "FULL SERVICE" Shopping,then since your Prepped and Ready Go.Why not continue "With A Nite On the Town with your New Looks"!! This is what Real Shopping is all about.Catching some Great Deals,Treating  yourselfRelaxin with Friends, Then continuing the Celebration ALL IN 1 NIGHT.So Come join Our Guestlist & get your SHOPPING ON!!! *There's No Cover Charge,you do need 21 to Drink.
It's so Wonderful when we can come together not only as Professionals but as Human Beings w/o All the Drama,Diva/Divo Attitude and Share in the Great times of Creating Magic. We may not be as Big as NYC compared to most however Chicago has proven Time & Time again "We Can and Do Make things Happen","Chicago Can stand On it's Own", "Chi...cago Is the Place to Be".

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Talking Perfessional,Classes,Workshops,Self Investment,& MUA Candace Corey

Hi everyone as Always what a day I tell you Fashion and it many sides never stop turning. As I prepare for some projects this weekend I wanted to touch on a few things, First of all I'm all about helping out,giving some advice when & if I can. " I mean if you can't "give back" how do you really expect to Succeed and
Grow in Life" which I really think is a Great and Fair trade when it comes down to it. After all we all started from somewhere even if you were born into your end of trade. However No one likes to be Used or Taken advantage of because not only is it Unfair but it Sucx if I may be so Bold to say. So that being said here's the deal.

1. When you ask for Help or Advice remember "No one is Oblicated or Owes you Anything".
When someone takes the time to Answer or Help you in any way they took the time do so because they wanted to and were able to do such. Respect that. because there are some Professions that charge for Every Second, Every hour, and Every Phonecall or Conversation even in some cases a Consultation.

2. There's nothing wrong with asking for help when you need it and we ALL do it. Even The Chameleon has asked for help. Lawd know's I have some Family & Friends that have Helped me and Yes even Saved me a few times in My Own Hour/Time of need
 The key is to remember "There is a difference in knowing how to Separate Personal from Professional". I say this to Note & Remind us that in many cases  a person's Profession is how They/We make a living and in many cases a way of life.Don't feel Offended or get your Egos Bruised when at times that Help/ Answer may come with a Cost or Fee even if Discounted. That's also a very important time in knowing, realizing how to separate the Professional from the Personal and  Vice versa.

3. If someone Offers a Class, Workshop, and or Seminar in a specific area of expertise take into consideration all of what's involved and being put into  into the Class, Workshop, and or Seminar. To provide You The Client, Student the most Fulfilling, Qualified, Catored, and Tailored learning experience takes Time, Preparation, Dedication, Space and Materials let alone Passion for Teaching/ Enhancing someone's Life and Passion for the subject being taught.Which in the end is a very worthy Self Investment  which is lastly number 4.

4.Self Investment is different on many levels to many different People and Professionals, You have to know what's going to be important to you, get you ahead, and have the Most Important impact on you and your profession. Having a plan or outline also helps.

Learning the importance of Self Investment can Take you far,Open doors, and Teach you many lessons on and during your journey in life. Ask Questions,Get References, Do your Own research until you feel comfortable to make the leap. Feeling nervous is Natural feeling and is not always a bad thing when decision making. Bottom line don't always expect Free Services to be at the ready and also before traveling out of state for certain Classes,Workshops, & Seminars  which there is certainly nothing wrong with doing such. You should also look into and learn to utilize what services Classes,Workshops, and Seminars are offered around you  State or City.

The state of Illinois has Great Industry Artists from  HairStylists, Designers, Photographers, MUA's (Make Up Artists). I've had the pleasure to Work, Network, and Collaborate with several and land some Amazing shots. Let's talk about Candace Corey a Leading MUA. I had the pleasure to meet her  in my early years of Male Modeling  and landed some really terffic images for my own portfolio as well as Network with other Amazing Talented MUA's Worldover. Candace Corey knows Style and what he defintion of Beauty, Commercial, Fashion, and Glamor means and that knowledge & Professionalism takes her  all over the world to work with other Models, Top Models, Celebrities Male/Female, for Cover shoots,  Magazines, Television shows,Videos,  and other High Profile Events. You name it and you may have seen some of Candace's Artist Beauty already. A former Female Model Candace Corey is Leading the Make Up Industy. Candace not only is and has she remained Humble as her Talent rouster grows and her journey continues in the industry Candace remains a True Professsional and  she still finds the time to Teach & Influence other Industry Artists young and old from across the nation in her Candace Corey MUA Workshop. Check out her Web site,  Read her Blog, Stay informed, and even take a Class/Workshop. I assure you will feel the same Amazing Energy today as I felt those same years ago,  infact I still  help  & model  when time allows.
Til Nxt time. "Happy St. Patty's day". remember if you drink.
Drink responsibly;-)


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Let's talk Masquerade,Reality Television, Setting Trends,Top Models, and JM COUTURE.

Only 3 months into the wonderful 2011 and we've already seen some Fashion Forward, Trend Setting Fashions cross the Runway stages.. I tell you not only is the Fashion Bar Raised but it's Smoking Hot with Trendsetting tones. Chicago's Designers are just getting started. JM COUTURE gave you some fashions that were Gaga inspired  in the "Born This way' Fashion Show Feb 26. However it was the "MASQUERADE" March 5,  Fashion Show that brought us Heavenly Fashion Angels from above. JM COUTURE's mix of Fashion forward, Texture mixed fabrics, and Trendsetting appeal always gets the masses going when his models grace the runway. This time the show was held in Chicago's own 8Fifty8 Trendy Night Club. Jim Mullin is doing Bigg Things with his JM COUTURE clothingline this year, his Band EMPIRE is producing hits as well and there's even talk of a Reality show to follow it all. JM COUTURE models have been known to move on to even Bigger stages like Tyra Banks America's Next Top Model a syndicated  television show.That's right Chicago has it's own Up & coming Stars on the Rise.
 so stay tuned.

 Follow the links  to see images from the show & behind the scene shots during the Masquerade show
from Chicago Red Eye and YouTube video takes.

Til the Nxt. time


your Chameleon,0,1253883.photogallery

Monday, March 14, 2011

Being Beautiful is Work...Borris J. Powell is Magic on the Dance Floor.

Who ever said it was easy being Beautiful in the world of Fashion should have been asked.Just how dedicated are you? The world of Fashion is an ever changing world No matter what end you on or your involvement in it. From Model, to Designer, to Magazine Editor, to Event Coordinator, to Fashion Blogger it takes Much work and Heavy investment if you want to stay on your A game. Fashion never stops Evolving. You have to ALWAYS be ahead of the pack and competition is steep, you are always fighting to be the next Hit or Trend setter. As a Model you have to stay in shape,keep clear and healthy skin & hair (remember Makeup and Photo shopping aren't going to save you) and at the drop of a dime be at the ready to morph into the open canvas the Designer needs you to be. Agency signed or not it's not always easy being Beautiful and takes work Beauty also starts within.  * Remember leave the Attitude & Drama behind.Being a Diva or Divo in any form is Not Sexy, Healthy or BeautifulBeing a  Male model in this field 4.5years now I too have morphed from Model to Dancer  to Actor to Make Up Artist to Wardrobe Stylist to Event coordinator/Director to Model workshop instructor. With your continued Support and Approval and My Own Energy I move forward being the Chameleon I am. Being a professional is more then having a title or piece of paper to validate you or an Agency name to be under.

This weekend there was Grace,Elegance, and Pure Rhythm on the Runway. I attended
Chicago Designer Borris Powell's "C Me N Dior" Fashion show held at the Sheraton hotel this weekend. Although the show included 2 other Designers Ariel Simone, Evlove Intimates it was Borris's collection that graced the stage with Curves flowing, Shoulders squared, and Hips rounded  ready Dance the Dance with designs for Fashionista's Past, Present, and Future. This collection may have  included some  pieces influenced by Dior's tailoring but was purely a strong Powell collection in it's Own right. Borris Powell collection  features the  Winning  Oscar designed  Black Swan  dress but also includes designs  for every women from Commercial, Ready to Wear, to Evening gala.  If you don't already know Borris J. Powell you need too get acquainted. His humble personality will make you comfortable and set you at ease, his talents will Captivate you for decades to come. 

Next Up!
Let's talk "Masquerade" ....JM COUTURE hits Chicago's  8Fifty8.

As always thank you for your time til we meet again.


your Chameleon

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The World of Computers,Networking, and Social Standards.

Let me start off by saying computers are an Amazing addition  to our world of Technology no matter who has access to them Young or Old Private or Public. The opportunity they afford us when it comes to Checking In, Working,
Classrooms, and yes even Social Networking is beyond comparison when we once think about how
centuries ago it was just Stamp & Letters.Time moved forward and with it brought in phone lines and now the response time is is virtually seconds or to put it mildly a "Click away" to get a reply back from someone.

On the Flip side it can take the same amount of time to Make a 1st impression,Cause Harm,and or ruin someone's chance at making a Good one to a potential Boss,Professional,Social  group. Remember those things We Call "Values","Social Standards"  we  have to keep in mind that Not Only is "BIG Brother watching" but now a days Current & Future Employers, Business Associates & Partners are also using the web and it's networking sites to screen  and gather information on who they will be hiring and or associating with. Let's face it we still live in a world where image is everything and what better way to get to know someone, at least get an idea or taste of who they are then by looking at how or who they Socialize with.The Networking sites, Profiles, Pages you involve yourself with says allot about you and your circle of friends so keep that in mind when posting comments and accepting friend invites and allowing others to post comments ( some things need to be kept Private and not Publicized for ALL to SEE) you don't want to ruin a good Networking opportunity or 1st impression before you even have a chance to be known  or have your work
scrutinized because of Guilt By Association .Bottom line "We Only Get 1 Chance to make a 1st Impression".In today's World of Camera's,Cell phones,Video cameras and other Media outlets
words are "Still Powerful" but travel faster.

Up Coming Fashion Shows & Events 2011

 Hello 2011.
The New Year has barely begun and as always the Fashion world is moving so fast. The Chameleon is already very busy with projects on the table. I Embrace each and every Show & Event I'm blessed to be apart of this year.

JM COUTURE presents "Born This Way"Fashion Inspired By Lady Gaga
Chicago,IL Bon V Lounge.

JM COUTURE presents "Masquerade Fashion"
Chicago,IL 8Fifty8 Lounge

BEAU IDEAL presents "Pandora's Box"


"Fashion Rage"
April 15,2011

"Flashy Trash"JM COUTURE
Griffin Lounge

"UnLeash 3"
Saturday, April 30 · 6:00pm
Location The Maekeen Room- River Front Lofts 
500 W. Cermak Road, Suite 405 for advance tix and calendar purchase.


Rep. Alexis Starr 


"Building An Empire"

"The Refresh Concert"
Red Kiva
Adela Red

"Fuze It Worldwide"
Fuze It Worldwide


"Fashion Is Music"
M.A.E.K Entertainment

Blake Martin Prod.,Beau Idea

I Candy