Monday, March 14, 2011

Being Beautiful is Work...Borris J. Powell is Magic on the Dance Floor.

Who ever said it was easy being Beautiful in the world of Fashion should have been asked.Just how dedicated are you? The world of Fashion is an ever changing world No matter what end you on or your involvement in it. From Model, to Designer, to Magazine Editor, to Event Coordinator, to Fashion Blogger it takes Much work and Heavy investment if you want to stay on your A game. Fashion never stops Evolving. You have to ALWAYS be ahead of the pack and competition is steep, you are always fighting to be the next Hit or Trend setter. As a Model you have to stay in shape,keep clear and healthy skin & hair (remember Makeup and Photo shopping aren't going to save you) and at the drop of a dime be at the ready to morph into the open canvas the Designer needs you to be. Agency signed or not it's not always easy being Beautiful and takes work Beauty also starts within.  * Remember leave the Attitude & Drama behind.Being a Diva or Divo in any form is Not Sexy, Healthy or BeautifulBeing a  Male model in this field 4.5years now I too have morphed from Model to Dancer  to Actor to Make Up Artist to Wardrobe Stylist to Event coordinator/Director to Model workshop instructor. With your continued Support and Approval and My Own Energy I move forward being the Chameleon I am. Being a professional is more then having a title or piece of paper to validate you or an Agency name to be under.

This weekend there was Grace,Elegance, and Pure Rhythm on the Runway. I attended
Chicago Designer Borris Powell's "C Me N Dior" Fashion show held at the Sheraton hotel this weekend. Although the show included 2 other Designers Ariel Simone, Evlove Intimates it was Borris's collection that graced the stage with Curves flowing, Shoulders squared, and Hips rounded  ready Dance the Dance with designs for Fashionista's Past, Present, and Future. This collection may have  included some  pieces influenced by Dior's tailoring but was purely a strong Powell collection in it's Own right. Borris Powell collection  features the  Winning  Oscar designed  Black Swan  dress but also includes designs  for every women from Commercial, Ready to Wear, to Evening gala.  If you don't already know Borris J. Powell you need too get acquainted. His humble personality will make you comfortable and set you at ease, his talents will Captivate you for decades to come. 

Next Up!
Let's talk "Masquerade" ....JM COUTURE hits Chicago's  8Fifty8.

As always thank you for your time til we meet again.


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