Thursday, March 17, 2011

Talking Perfessional,Classes,Workshops,Self Investment,& MUA Candace Corey

Hi everyone as Always what a day I tell you Fashion and it many sides never stop turning. As I prepare for some projects this weekend I wanted to touch on a few things, First of all I'm all about helping out,giving some advice when & if I can. " I mean if you can't "give back" how do you really expect to Succeed and
Grow in Life" which I really think is a Great and Fair trade when it comes down to it. After all we all started from somewhere even if you were born into your end of trade. However No one likes to be Used or Taken advantage of because not only is it Unfair but it Sucx if I may be so Bold to say. So that being said here's the deal.

1. When you ask for Help or Advice remember "No one is Oblicated or Owes you Anything".
When someone takes the time to Answer or Help you in any way they took the time do so because they wanted to and were able to do such. Respect that. because there are some Professions that charge for Every Second, Every hour, and Every Phonecall or Conversation even in some cases a Consultation.

2. There's nothing wrong with asking for help when you need it and we ALL do it. Even The Chameleon has asked for help. Lawd know's I have some Family & Friends that have Helped me and Yes even Saved me a few times in My Own Hour/Time of need
 The key is to remember "There is a difference in knowing how to Separate Personal from Professional". I say this to Note & Remind us that in many cases  a person's Profession is how They/We make a living and in many cases a way of life.Don't feel Offended or get your Egos Bruised when at times that Help/ Answer may come with a Cost or Fee even if Discounted. That's also a very important time in knowing, realizing how to separate the Professional from the Personal and  Vice versa.

3. If someone Offers a Class, Workshop, and or Seminar in a specific area of expertise take into consideration all of what's involved and being put into  into the Class, Workshop, and or Seminar. To provide You The Client, Student the most Fulfilling, Qualified, Catored, and Tailored learning experience takes Time, Preparation, Dedication, Space and Materials let alone Passion for Teaching/ Enhancing someone's Life and Passion for the subject being taught.Which in the end is a very worthy Self Investment  which is lastly number 4.

4.Self Investment is different on many levels to many different People and Professionals, You have to know what's going to be important to you, get you ahead, and have the Most Important impact on you and your profession. Having a plan or outline also helps.

Learning the importance of Self Investment can Take you far,Open doors, and Teach you many lessons on and during your journey in life. Ask Questions,Get References, Do your Own research until you feel comfortable to make the leap. Feeling nervous is Natural feeling and is not always a bad thing when decision making. Bottom line don't always expect Free Services to be at the ready and also before traveling out of state for certain Classes,Workshops, & Seminars  which there is certainly nothing wrong with doing such. You should also look into and learn to utilize what services Classes,Workshops, and Seminars are offered around you  State or City.

The state of Illinois has Great Industry Artists from  HairStylists, Designers, Photographers, MUA's (Make Up Artists). I've had the pleasure to Work, Network, and Collaborate with several and land some Amazing shots. Let's talk about Candace Corey a Leading MUA. I had the pleasure to meet her  in my early years of Male Modeling  and landed some really terffic images for my own portfolio as well as Network with other Amazing Talented MUA's Worldover. Candace Corey knows Style and what he defintion of Beauty, Commercial, Fashion, and Glamor means and that knowledge & Professionalism takes her  all over the world to work with other Models, Top Models, Celebrities Male/Female, for Cover shoots,  Magazines, Television shows,Videos,  and other High Profile Events. You name it and you may have seen some of Candace's Artist Beauty already. A former Female Model Candace Corey is Leading the Make Up Industy. Candace not only is and has she remained Humble as her Talent rouster grows and her journey continues in the industry Candace remains a True Professsional and  she still finds the time to Teach & Influence other Industry Artists young and old from across the nation in her Candace Corey MUA Workshop. Check out her Web site,  Read her Blog, Stay informed, and even take a Class/Workshop. I assure you will feel the same Amazing Energy today as I felt those same years ago,  infact I still  help  & model  when time allows.
Til Nxt time. "Happy St. Patty's day". remember if you drink.
Drink responsibly;-)


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