Thursday, March 3, 2011

The World of Computers,Networking, and Social Standards.

Let me start off by saying computers are an Amazing addition  to our world of Technology no matter who has access to them Young or Old Private or Public. The opportunity they afford us when it comes to Checking In, Working,
Classrooms, and yes even Social Networking is beyond comparison when we once think about how
centuries ago it was just Stamp & Letters.Time moved forward and with it brought in phone lines and now the response time is is virtually seconds or to put it mildly a "Click away" to get a reply back from someone.

On the Flip side it can take the same amount of time to Make a 1st impression,Cause Harm,and or ruin someone's chance at making a Good one to a potential Boss,Professional,Social  group. Remember those things We Call "Values","Social Standards"  we  have to keep in mind that Not Only is "BIG Brother watching" but now a days Current & Future Employers, Business Associates & Partners are also using the web and it's networking sites to screen  and gather information on who they will be hiring and or associating with. Let's face it we still live in a world where image is everything and what better way to get to know someone, at least get an idea or taste of who they are then by looking at how or who they Socialize with.The Networking sites, Profiles, Pages you involve yourself with says allot about you and your circle of friends so keep that in mind when posting comments and accepting friend invites and allowing others to post comments ( some things need to be kept Private and not Publicized for ALL to SEE) you don't want to ruin a good Networking opportunity or 1st impression before you even have a chance to be known  or have your work
scrutinized because of Guilt By Association .Bottom line "We Only Get 1 Chance to make a 1st Impression".In today's World of Camera's,Cell phones,Video cameras and other Media outlets
words are "Still Powerful" but travel faster.

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