Wednesday, August 10, 2011

No one clapped for me tonight..Leading Designers..Moving Forward..NYC,Paris,London Here I come.Video Shoot. .

what a really Great & Entertaining Fashiion Show tonight @ Dusable Museum.when it was over I was posed(asked) the question.."vaughnj did anyone clap for you when you kat walked tonight"..
Here was my Answer.No.
However I further replied "I clapped for Myself:
1. when I was allowed to Wake Up this morning.
2. I clapped for Myself when I got the call from a participating Designer and asked if I could walk in the show to Rep their Male Line.
3. I clapped for Myself when I found out I not was NOT the only Male Model in the Entire show but that I was the only Male Model brought in to Rep my Designer's Male Line.
All in all Idon't wan this to be misunderstood..You don't need anyone else's approval to Validate you or where you goingas long as you know and put it into actio. People miss the boat all the time but that doesn't stop the schedule from continuing forward and next bus from coming. Clapped because tonight not only did I make Myself Proud but the Designer was throughly Pleased/Satisfied.(Meaning) That i'm one step closer to reaching My Goals. Having an A+ Model Reputation, Being the Face behind a New Leading Designer's Menswear Line, and moving forward towards N.Y.C, London, Milon, Paris and Toyko.. To the Top!
 Now that's something worth clapping for;-)
Thank you Carmen Calisle,Michael CEO Jordon wonderful job tonight!
Hair & MakeUp for The Chameleon by Insatiable Creations.
Music Video shoot in morning nite Fb.

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