Saturday, June 18, 2011

Let me clear somethings up and Reintroduce MySelf.....Now you Know. .

Hello let Me ReIntroduce MySelf I am Vaughnj The Chameleon..I am a Male Fashion Model,Live Illustration/Mannequin Model(SAIC),Actor,Freestyle Dancer,MUA, Wardrobe Stylist For Men & Women(Professional,Beginner) and i'm also and Event Director/Coordinator,Party Planner, Model Coach for Male & Female Models and Model Workshop/Seminar Coach/Director. I work on All levels from Every day short term to High End Editorial long term contract .When timing allows I also do TF,TCD projects and montary is always welcomed. I'm Chicago,IL based but will travel when needed, I am Freelance/Independent contractor so I'm not tied down with a contract however when applying for my services there is a contract/agreement signed before hand w/ deposit made pending services. When I come arcoss Collaberation that I think other Artists would enjoy and benefit from I post them and put out casting Calls however I will not Beg or hound you to join or be Involved Ever. Whether TF, TCD, or Montary. If you are interested and have the available time and means you will put in the needed Efforts, Energy and Follow through. Being as Professional as I or you would expect in return..*Remember Time is Money! I also advertise, post notices about Events I'm in as a Model or Performer,or Director so others (Artists, Supportors) are Aware, have the opportunity to Support either in attendence or simply helping with ticket sells, 1 hand washes another and so it goes. (I work well with others as long as your professional,I also Have a team or Models,Muas, etc..When needed) I also give/have referrals from/for Artists. If you don't know me now you do. So say hello you never know what can come out of networking/collaborating, that's often how I come across a New Job/Asssignment. I'm Direct, Honest, Professional, and I expect the same but above all I'm an down to earth Artist making Moves..This is My Life and I approach it with the same Passion and Desire EVERYDAY...EVERY Assignment.

Vj The Chameleon

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