Friday, June 17, 2011

Upcoming Events/Eva Pigford, New Respect, Excuses leave them behind, Having a Plan,Using Tenacity, and loving Me som Vaughnj .

Morning closer to a weekend and I can't wait,so many fun things(Fashion show rehearsals,Music Video filming,Birthday Celebrations).I Had the pleasure to have my son join me on set at work for a "Double take" Love My instructors @ SAIC and let's say he has a new respect for live illustration/mannequin models;-)lol. tickets are also available for his Fashion show "The Puppet Show" july 23, 15.00,don't forget I have tickets for my Fashion show "Fuze It Worldwide"June 25, 25.00..also get your tickets for "FASHION LOVES MUSIC" July 1,20-65.00 w/ Eva Pigford,Derwin Davis..(another show i may be Modeling in keep you posted)..

Come on Chi town Don't ask for "FRESH" Events and when they Arrive and Present opportunity...whether to show your support or be a personal part of it you find an excuse not to be there.Yes times are abit tough but you can always make a way to do other things and i'll leave it at that,get on board,leave the excuses behind. People say "man I always see you here or there" people/other artists say this as if they're surprised. Some gigs pay monetary and some don't but the truth is if I don't get out here and show you and these Directors,Designers,Promoters,Clients how hungry I am and how Badd/Passionate I am at what I do. How else you going to know about The Chameleon as a Model,Designer,Actor,Dancer or Wardrobe Stylist,Runway Coach/Director.How else will I make it to the TOP if not by making continued efforts and using my OWN initiative.I know every project and casting call may not be for me, my look and I also know I may  not get every job however I also knew when I joined this industry that in order to make it size wouldn't always be a factor. I had to have and prove I had the Passion, Drive, and Tenacity to want this,to survive, and if I was to ever succeed in this industry I needed to Bring it! and I Have. You can talk about my style,mohawk & color changes, and stats if you want but watch me Work, watch me continue to Rise. During lunch I stopped into my old job today Macy's to say hello to some real friends (you know who you are)and catch up and ran into some fakers and they looked at me in surprise to see how Truly Happy and settled I was to still be living,moving forward, and doing what I Love since leaving Macy's but thats ok. I had a plan and Macy's wasn't a permanent part of it, I knew that when I went back into retail and i'll go back into retail again if the plan calls for it, no shame here it works.I Love Me som Vaughnj and Vaughnj loves ALL those that continue to support and bless me with opportunities to showcase my passion.
Til the next time

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