Friday, May 13, 2011

Blessings/Bookings... The Angel Walk2011..Bricks Laying to Build a Nation

Only just begun the month of May and i'm already Booked and Booking June!!. I Tell you when you Do Good things and Put Out Positive energy it Comes Back 20fold..It's not being Cocky it's being Confident and about being Respectful and True to Yourself and Others, also Not lessoning who you are as a Person/Artist and what you hold Dear & Passinate. I speak into being what I Need/Want and then I Go For it because it Never hurts to Ask or Try however actions speak louder then words.
Some have asked how did I get involved with the "The Angel Walk 2011" and what do I expect in return. Well I went into this show a meger,humble/new Wardrobe Stylist who was available to lend a hand if they needed one to help.Always willing to help a worthy cause these one involving(children) being a single parent I know how it is to want the best for a child to have opportunity to encourage a child.If by giving something or lending some clothes or what services I could offer was all that was needed to see someone smile why not. Now I'm Co Director/Coordinator and by building and having a good industry reputation,dedication i've been able to ask,reach out to other fellow Artists,Designers,Models.MUA's,Stylists,Public Officials and put together A Very Incredible Show..Now making it's 1st debut and will lead and open the door to an Annual Event called "The Angel Walk"..Holy Angels Boys & Girls Club Fundraiser. How Magical is that and to see the smiles on these kids,young adults, and Future Artists faces and the moral boost is INCREDIBLE for these kids to see that someone cares about me and wants to see me succeed I cant out into words the return investment has been for me. I know they will take this opportunity and somewhere later in life use it to reflect on..We don't have funding for a buget so there none but I tell you this is going to be 1 Awesome Event night you will NEVER Forget and will walk away with your Hearts filled with Excitement and Enticipation for Next years. Angel walk2012 show!
When I was younger we had Not Only Parents but Neighbors,Clubs,Schools to help build the foundation and guide us as children and young adults to make better decisions,have options, smarter choices and have self esteem and confidence to go and live out Dream. Well for  some reason over time that has started to lapse and disappear, we must reclaim those days ,reinvest, and  show our children what it means to have proper guidance and postive influences at a young,mid youth/adult age. It still takes a Nation to raise a Child and although my own children are making their own decisions in life i'm still here to guide and lay bricks not just in them but future generations to come. Dont just Talk.Do.
the Chameleon

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