Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Let's MAKE A Difference & STOP Complaining.Start Today .

Nxt. up:Looking forward to today's photoshoot with Design students from SAIC( I tell you watching these students Draw,Sketch,Photograph you in different mediums is Awesome).I tell/encourage you & Challenge you to Empower others,if you have a Brother,Sister,Son,DaughterNiece,Nephew or hell even a neighbor who have or show signs of tallent or Talents in Art,Singing,Drawing,Dance,Acting,Music, & Modeling whatever the medium encourage them to Follow, Seek, Explore and Expand on that talent. The rewards are so Rewarding and to see someone Live their Dreams & Passions is Amazing!!Stop complaining about Our youth of today and Make A Difference,We All have our Roles to play.
Have a Great Day spread the message.

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