Sunday, September 18, 2011

Rules Of Life, Common Courtesy..Chew On That.

Food for thought.As a Child we are Taught and Told rules of Life...1. Respect yourself, Treat others the way you Want/Expect to be Treated..2.What goes Around..comes Back around there's No Expiration date on that.. and Lastly if you really intend to Succeed & move Forward in ANYTHING you do.. refer back to Rules 1.,2. So tell me why do so many people Act Brand New or like they were not Informed or Taught these Rules and look at you crazy because you Live your Life by them and seem to be Exceeding in Everything you Do! Yes I said it. So enjoy your day.. Chew on that.1 day Some of Us don't Wake up.. Some Learn Something Wise enough to be Better people and Enjoy a Fulling Life and on Other days some Stay in the Drama and Turmoil and Never really Move at all and if they do move it's NOT at the rate they would have Moved if they Applied those very Basic rules of Common Coutesy.

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