Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"Owning it" something you should Know...

Models before hitting the stage here's little something you should Know & Remember..
You were chosen for a Reason and you are Here on the Stage, Kat walk  for that Reason.

Even before you hit the stage you have to have a sense of Ownership and even before that stepping into a casting Call you have to be Confident in WHO YOU Are. As a Performer,Model  Designers, Directors, Show Coordinators and Producers are looking for a glimpse of just who you are. Sure measurements play a role in being casted but it's also about Personality, Confidence to Complete a look,  to Carry/ wear a certain garment on the RUNWAY or take particular Shot  during a Photo shoot. "OWNing it" and if  you can't "Own it" step aside and come aboard  or approach casting calls when your Ready.
It will save you and those involved  Important Time. 

"Owning it" means you Own/Embody the Garment.
The Entire/Complete Look, Feel, and Style.. 

"Owning it" that's what Completes the Look/Vision of a garment it can Make or Break a garment when in a photo shoot or on the Runway. To walk with that "Owning it" feeling Inspires the crowd, and makes/helps future Buyers buy.(i'm not being mean) but being a Runway Model means more then being Beautiful (Male 0r Female) the Kat walk is not a place to be Nervous or Intimidated you have to be a Warrior.

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