Monday, September 26, 2011

Taking a short break but in the Mean time a few THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW

Taking some Me Time to get a few things done like wrapping The MOD Calendar ,Prepping for Some Exciting Future/Spring 2012 projects and other Business. When i'm done trus you'll know I'm Bac on THE Scene like only I can be.

In the mean time let me share something with my Fellow Artists both New & Old 1.ANY LEGIT Fashion Show and Casting will Always give you the Facts/Details Up Front Prior to your even going to casting call as to NOT waste your or company time.
2. A Legit Show/production NOT MAKE IT Mandatory THAT TO BE INVOLVED or Casted You MUST SELL TICKETS to secure YOUR Modeling/Performance SPOT.(If you Fit the clothes and Have the LOOK the Designers Require) YOUR IN the Show Period. You are there to MODEL/ and lend your time as an Artist and that's it.Your Job & Responsiblity is NOT to Cover Production Costs unless that's something you agree to before hand and are Being PAID to DO. btw (getting images from being involved in any performance is a given)Not a form of Payment.

... 3.Lastly NO ONE has the Right to BELITTLE You at ANY TIME OR Point and MAKE YOU FEEL Less then who You ARE(Human). I DON"T CARE WHAT Title or POSITION they have OR CLAIM to Have..If they can not Treat,Talk to you as a Humans or Adults WALK AWAY (there is NO EXcuse for that) It's FORM oF Bullying and Control and NO ONE HAS THAT Right Over another Human. They DO Not DESERVE Your TIME, Presence, and Artist involvement NO MATTER WHAT the Project or Claim to Fame.Trus they would NOT like it if the shoe were reversed nor would they Allow such treatment if it were them being treated that way.

4. Follow Your Gut, It's OKay to say"Thank you for the opportunity But I'll Pass.
* so as ALways I DON'T have a problem Speaking, asking Questions and Or giving Advice which is part of who I am and which has Alliowed me to MOVE forward in Not only Life But My Career as well any one that says different ask them to look as My Work,Resume' and Track record for anyone i've helped. You don't have to like me However you will Respect me as I would do concerning U.

You should not be coming out of pocket to buy TIckets if you are't able to SELL them(*remember ALWAYS ask yourself" what would I be getting if I were buying the ticket", " is the ticket worth the actual cost")(sometime as much as OUR Support team wants to be involved there are times when buying a ticket is not possible but that don't mean your supported anyless then someone esle.)

See you REAL soon
The Chameleon

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