Thursday, November 3, 2011

STOPPPPPP the MADDnesss,Let's Be Professionals

I'm Back and At times I do feel like i'm the voice that some need to hear. Let's face it "there are times when some things NEED to be Said and the air Cleared."I might even piss a few people off" but hey I'll live and life goes on simply because the truth does hurt but that's something my Clients, Friends,  and Family appreciate about me.

 First off THE CHAMELEON IS BACK on the scene with the Official Website:
 so please check it out.
For those that didn't know the Vaughnj The Chameleon youtube page:
is also up and running featuring some of those HOT Music Videos as well as a few Performance and Fashion Show Videos I've been involved in..Exciting and EPIC.

 So now that I've gotten those juicy plugs out the way and helped you get caught up with The Chameleon let's dig right in and get to it.

 First up I should  remind those who need reminding that when it comes to Fashion and Fashion Shows Male or Female "Its's about what The Designers want and Their vision and "It's about what/whom They to see coming down the katwalks & Runways selling their product." It's CALLED INNER Instinct.
 I can't describe it in any other to say but "it's the WoW Factor felt deep inside". You know it when you see it and "that's what Attendees/Buyers want to see as well coming down the runways".Also known as "The Complete Look "from Head to Toe, Model & Garment united as 1 and holds your attention from beginning to end.

So  I've said all this to say to All the Fashion Show Coordinators,Event Directors Old and or New *alittle TIP: it's NOT ABOUT YOU!!!

It's about your Client, The Designer. What the Designer/Client sees in a Model that comes out to attend/audition for their Fashion Show Casting Call.

 The Model may not be This Tall or This Small or even this Wide or that Standard Industry Model material however if the Designer says "Hey that's the look", "that's who I want" in My show wearing My Art,wearing/representing My work. 

 Shut up! put your personal opinion(s) aside, and cast the model. Do the job you were hired or brought in to do which is Satisfy the Client/Designer, Find/cast the Models with that "It Factor", Put on an Amazing Show. That's called "Being Professional."

*Let's Refresh:
So whether your Personal Friend or a Stranger to the Client/Designer being bought in to Oversee, Coordinate, or Direct an entire Fashion show or just a Fashion segment of an event.Keep your Personal feelings personal and ALWAYS be Professional. Live by the 1# Rule: It's about what to Designer Wants Not you. 
So next time a Model walks into your Casting call,  and you for some Personal reason or another Don't like or Care for the model but the Designer thinks their Look, Body type, and Attitude is Great and wants them in the show DO the JOB you were brought in to do and stop being Childish,Insecure, and Above All Unprofessional. In the End the show must Go On. 

However just ask yourself How Many Cinderellas/Fellas or Jennifer Hudsons there might actually be in the world. Now kick yourself because of a Missed Opportunity because "Some people May forgive" "however there are many that Don't forget." What Goes around Comes around.


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