Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Being 41 y.o., 5 years Moving forward, At least making an Effort, & Conan

Feeling Blessed at being 41y.o in my 5th year of constant nonstop Entertainment since I reEntered the Industry as Model,Dancer,Actor,Mua,Wardrobe stylist, Event Director/Coordinator,Model Coordinator/Directer, Workshop/Seminar Specialist and I Thank Everyone I've met and who have continued to support me along the way. I Promised I'd take it to the TOP & I'm moving forward each year.We're almost there.
I Encourage All to Always follow your Dreams & Passions in life,You just never know.Even when others Moc & Discourage.You should Always be YOU and Do You, at least try then you will know for it is the not trying that truly does us in when it comes to living Life.
Believe me i was told "You'll Never be a Model Or Do Runway" Or "You Don't have the RIGHT Look".
 Now almost 5yrs later.20+ Runway Fashion Shows,Hair Shows,Promotional Events, 6+Music Videos, Ducumentaries,Movies,Cable/Television pilots later.All w/o a Manager, Agent or belonging to a High profile Agency. I'm moving forward in the Entertainment world all because of my Own Determination,Professionalism,Passion,Talent and just as Important My Drive & Networking ablities have  earned me a reputation to do such.So I say anything Postive is worth theTime, Work, and Effort. I'm immortalized in Photographs/Film and now being a Fashion Model at the Art Institute I am immortalized in sketch pads.
XoXo Vj
Conan will be out soon I've stared to see the trailors. I cant wait to see whether or not they used my Mohawk style or color for one of the charactors.I guess we'll have to wait and see but it was still a pleasure meeting Mr.Lang.How kool is that when someone in a star's position notices you and says you gave them an inspiration for something;-)

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