Friday, July 31, 2015

I Never went anywhere. I've just been utilizing my other Industry Talents.

In the words of the  Rupaul Season 3 contest Alexis Mateo "I'm Back Bitches".. Bam.
 Rather I never left the Entertainment world I've just been working in the other fields of it.

Using my Event Coordinator, Set Director, Make-Up Artist skills, but also Mainly bringing back
 My Talents as a Designer (S15' Splash Denim Collection) & Networking with New Production teams, Management, and New Designers as well. I've also had the opportunity to Reintroduce the Homage' to Grace Jones Collection after all it's been 3yrs. So I've been a Blessed busy little working
Entertainer since my last Blog.

 However I'll share this. I've been Published again only this time around in Surreal Beauty Magazine with photographer Virginia Hodges July issue for my fresh take on a more Young & Youthful Marie Antoinette  that I conceptualized  for a contest being giving by Shari Cornes of Boutique Home Lofts based out of Chicago. I actually got to have some say about who I am as an Artist/Entertainer and got to talk share information  about My company Insatiable Creations. Yes we're still around and making Visions /Your Visions come to Life.

 So stick around "The Chameleon" is still on the move and has more to say. and Oh "Yes" Yes" Yes" as usual some Topics & 1st Hand information that I share  may or may not but a few in the Industry are surely going to pissed off   and not so pleased I'm empowering others  with such TRUTH. However some things just need to be said, some Blessings and lessons learned need to be paid forward so others may not need to make such hard lessons that can be frightening and devastating. As People & Artists New and Old in general We need to stay Aware and help guide our peers or even Remind some of our Talented Artists they may have gone astray,  So be Informed or at the very least  let's put the topic out there and Discuss it.

 So I'll forever be that Pioneer, that voice that asks the questions, raises a hand, and takes the lead. I'm going share my point of view and at times drop some knowledge 1st hand you need to know and carry with you on your Own Entertainer journey. For those who have wondered what the VaughnJ  in Chameleon stands for, and  for those yet to visit my Acting IMDB Page. Barry Vaughn Jr..
.xoXo until we chat again Let's get this weekend started..TGIF!!!

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